What is a semen analysis?

In a semen analysis, a semen sample is studied to determine both macroscopic characteristics (volume, colour, smell, viscosity, pH, liquefaction, etc.) and microscopic characteristics (sperm count, mobility, morphology and percentage of live sperm).

Some diagnoses – Azoospermia (absence of sperm) or Severe Oligozoospermia (very few sperm in the ejaculate) – mean that it is difficult to conceive a child using natural techniques.

Although conception is very difficult, it is not impossible if we use assisted reproductive techniques. The TCM (Total Motility Count) is a test associated with the semen analysis, which is fundamental for choosing the correct assisted reproductive technique to be subsequently employed. It entails assessing the semen to find out if the concentration of mobile sperm is sufficient to perform an insemination.

All semen analyses performed in our clinic are accompanied by a report that is very clear and easy to understand. If you so wish, our medical team will further explain the results.

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