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Fertility preservation / Oocyte vitrification

One of the main causes of infertility is a low ovarian reserve and oocyte quality, and this is mainly due to the fact that women increasingly delay the age at which we become mothers.

If we vitrify our oocytes, these are preserved with the characteristics they had at the time of the treatment, so time stands still for them.

Advantages of oocyte vitrification:

You can beat the biological clock: Women’s fertility decreases with time, and this decrease is exponential from 35 years of age. For this reason, if oocytes are vitrified when you are 25 and you use them when you are 40, despite your age, your oocytes will still be young.

You will have more probabilities of having children with your own oocytes and you will reduce the probability of needing donor oocytes.

With age, the percentage of chromosome disorders in the babies increases. If you use younger oocytes, this probability is reduced and you are more likely to have healthy children.

When should I vitrify my eggs?

If you want to delay your motherhood for professional or personal reasons. Ideally, oocyte vitrification should be performed before you are 35 years old.

Cancer patients who will receive radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatments.

Other medical reasons, such are ovary removal.

In clinical situations with a risk of premature ovarian failure.

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