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For couples of child-bearing age and with normal sexual relationships finding it impossible to conceive is an ever more common problem. Not being able to have children not only generates anxiety, but can have a great impact on the couple’s relationship.

We know that anyone trying to make a dream come true, but struggling to achieve it, will at some point go through some difficult moments. Many couples who come to our clinic often feel like giving up, are discouraged, pessimistic, sad and nervous, because they have been experiencing an agonising uncertainty, and do not know when or how it will be solved. For this reason at INVITAM we prioritise the emotional well-being of the couple, because we are aware of the intense desire of our patients to be parents, and the physical and psychological price that can be paid if infertility is not well managed.

Infertility affects one in ten couples, but since most people consider it a private issue, it is rarely talked about, and so when reproductive problems arise, it is normal to feel disoriented and unsure of which path to follow. Each person deals with this issue differently, however it is common to go through a stage of shock, where the couple cannot belief the reproductive disorder diagnosis. Often, this is followed by a period of denial, where they do not accept what is happening to them, they doubt the medical diagnosis and try to find favourable second opinions. It is common to experience guilt as they try to determine the cause of their infertility.

Anxiety symptoms are very common in these cases, given that infertility is a new situation where the patients do not always have a solution within their reach. Often, it is accompanied by depressive feelings, such as the extreme sadness we can feel because we cannot be parents without external help. Our patients also tell us of feelings of hopelessness, rage and loneliness, sending them into a downward spiral of negative feelings which can be hard to escape from.

In order to prevent all this, at INVITAM as well as providing thorough and clear information and extraordinary technical and human resources, we offer the possibility of receiving psychological counselling, so that this complex experience can become an opportunity for personal growth, for the couple to get closer and for preparing for the arrival of that longed for child.

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