Oocyte vitrification

A low ovarian reserve and oocyte quality are among the main causes of sterility. This is due to women postponing more and more the moment of becoming mothers.

By vitrifying one’s oocytes, their characteristics at the moment of the treatment can be maintained over the years.

Benefits of oocyte vitrification:

  • You will win the fight against the biological clock: Female fertility decreases over time and after 35 years of age exponentially. For this reason, if for example your oocyte are vitrified when you are 25 and you use them at 40, despite the age, your oocytes will still be young.
  • You will be more likely to have children with your own oocytes and there is a lower chance to need donors’ oocytes.
  • The higher the age, the higher the percentage of chromosomal disorders in babies. Yet, if you use younger oocytes, the probability is lower and you are more likely to have healthy children.

When should I have my oocytes?

  • If you would like to postpose your pregnancy for professional or personal reasons.
  • Cancer patients that will undergo radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatments.
  • For other medical reasons, such as an ovary removal.
  • For other clinical situations with risks of an early ovarian failure.



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