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Clinical sychology

We care for each of our patients medically and emotionally, because each case is unique. For couples of child-bearing age and with normal sexual relationships finding it impossible to conceive is an ever more common problem.

This is why at Invitam we prioritise the couple’s emotional well-being. We are aware of the intense desire of our patients to become parents, and the physical and psychological price that can be paid if infertility is not well managed.

Infertility affects many couples, but it is generally relegated to the most private sphere and is rarely talked about. This is why when reproductive problems arise, it is normal for people to feel confused and unsure of which path to follow.

Furthermore, each person deals with this issue differently, however it is common to go through a stage of shock, where the couple cannot belief the reproductive disorder diagnosis acepta lo que está ocurriendo, se duda de los diagnósticos médicos y se intenta conseguir segundas opiniones más favorables. Often, this is followed by a period of denial, where they do not accept what is happening to them, they doubt the medical diagnosis and try to find favourable second opinions.

It is common to experience guilt as they try to determine the cause of their own infertility. Anxiety symptoms are very common in these cases. Our patients also tell us of feelings of hopelessness, rage and loneliness, sending them into a downward spiral of negative feelings which can be hard to escape from. In order to prevent all this, at Invitam, as well as providing thorough and clear information and extraordinary technical and human resources, we offer the possibility of receiving psychological counselling, so that this experience can become an opportunity for personal growth, for the couple to get closer and for preparing for the arrival of that longed for child.

We take medical and emotional care of each patient because each case is unique.

Fertility Coaching

Coaching is a process to help individuals and teams perform to their higher standard. In the context of assisted reproduction, the team is the couple or the person who want to be parents and the specialists who will treat them.

At Invitam, we feel that the trust we place on the professionals who will guide us, as well as the trust we place on our partner and ourselves is very important.

The whole team works to achieve a common project, that of realising the couple’s dream of becoming parents.

The coach must support and coach the person they are treating (coachee) to achieve their goal. They will help everyone become aware of their own resources and teach them to apply them in real life.

A coach’s job is not to cure or mend some aspect of our life. For those cases, Invitam has the invaluable collaboration of a psychology team. A coach’s job is to help us achieve a goal. To grow and be successful and to trust yourself and your possibilities, in this case, in the reproduction context.

The emotional cost of this type of treatment is significant. Both for the person undergoing injections and daily medication, as well as for the person who must unconditionally support and motivate them.

Many barrier questions arise along the path, questions with no answers, changes in the treatment, physical and mood changes in the person receiving the medication, etc. We will be able to break through each of these barriers. And it does not matter how many barriers we find along the path because, at the end of the day, we always have a goal, whatever its form may be. Be it the same, in whatever form it is in.

What is truly essential is for us to be aware that during the process WE MUST NOT stop living our lives. This will not help at all to improve our chances of success. We must integrate the treatment into our daily life, just as another part of it.

The type of coaching that we will apply here is focused on a goal: becoming parents. What may change along the path is the way to achieve this goal. It is important for the coach to prepare those involved for the path, which may be long, short, light or intense, based on many different factors.

We will obtain information from our emotions in order to connect to the actualisation power that drives us to overcome any difficulty and realise our potential. When treating a couple, it is also important to find the hidden dynamics that may have been created by a life together which may be behind many conflicts. This will make the process easier to handle by both partners and, thus, by the entire team.

In essence, fertility coaching at our centre should help to bridge the gap between what a couple (or person) wants to have and what they may be able to have.