Infertility and sex

Starting a fertility treatment can definitely affect our sexual relationships. Sex acquires a new meaning. It is not a moment of pure pleasure anymore, but it becomes a means to reach an end. After each sexual intercourse without conceiving, we are reminded of our difficulty to procreate. Consequently, we often end up avoiding to have sexual intercourses with penetration or these become painful and the sexual desire disappears.

InVitam psychological unit gives you the following tips to prevent infertility from affecting your sexual life:

  • On the days you are asked not to have coitus it does not mean you cannot have sex. Explore and find out new ways of sexual satisfaction without penetration.
  • On the contrary, the day you are asked to have sexual intercourse with penetration, try to create a positive atmosphere for this romantic moment. Even if the day has been planned, you can surely find a way to surprise your partner.
  • Use imagination to reach the perfect mood to have sexual intercourse with your partner. Remember that the man should not feel like a “sperm dispenser” nor the woman like an “egg carrier”.
  • Don’t feel guilty if the day penetration is foreseen, this is not possible due to external reasons or for physical and emotional ones.
  • Spend time sharing and commenting your fears with your partner and listening and understanding his/hers.
  • Take care of your physical appearance, don’t forget to be loving and make your partner feel special. Remember that it’s him/her you would like to have a baby with. Don’t let that trying to have one destroy the reason why you want a baby.

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