Infertility and psychological stress

Infertility affects 1 out of 10 couples, yet most people consider it as a too intimate topic to speak openly about it. As a consequence, as reproductive issues turn up, it is normal to feel lost and not to know what path to follow.

Every person deals differently with such a reality. Still, there are some common patterns. Usually, when hearing the news about their reproductive issues, couples cannot believe it and go through a real shock. Afterwards there may be a period of rejection, during which they don’t accept what’s happening, put into question the doctor’s diagnosis and try to find more favourable second opinions. They often have guilt feelings when trying to pinpointing the infertility cause. Moreover, our patients talk about a sense of anxiety, depression, despair, anger and loneliness, a whirlwind of emotions from which it is hard to escape.

In order to prevent this, it’s important to receive psychological support and/or reproductive coaching. This way you will be able to turn this tough journey into an opportunity for personal growth, making your couple stronger and preparing yourself for the arrival of the child you have so long been waiting for. We are aware of the psychological stress one suffers when not being able to have a child and obviously of what undergoing an assisted reproduction treatment can mean. If you don’t achieve your goal at the first attempt, it’s even worse. This is why we firmly believe that you should ask for professional support so that you will be able to go through this process a little bit better. We are here for you!

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