Sperm donation

What steps should an egg donor follow?

The first step is to call our clinic, where you will be given an appointment. There you will be informed of all the process in detail. Afterwards:

  • a first sample will be analysed, studying its concentration, motility and morphology. Furthermore, a freezing/ thawing test will be carried out to check that sperm can survive to the process.
  • a blood test will be performed in order to rule out sexually transmitted diseases, karyotype errors and blood type.

How many times can you come to the clinic?

All the times you want, taking into account that a maximum of one donation per week is allowed.

Important things you need to know:

You do not need to undergo any treatment.

Donations are always anonymous and confidential, so that donors and recipients cannot get to know each other. Donors will be chosen by the clinic.

There is no money retribution for the donated eggs, but a reimbursement shall be offered for the troubles, displacement to the centre, stay at the clinic and time required for the donation.

The clinic can decide to stop the donation process should one of the following circumstances take place:

  • The sperm quality is no longer acceptable.
  • An anomal is detected by the periodic analyses.
  • The number of pregnancy according to law with the sperm of a specific donor is reached.

For further information please call us at: +34 966 091 666 / +34 966 091 667

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