First consultation

During this first contact, the problem is discussed and after a medical assessment, the necessary tests for both members of the couple are selected. These tests are fundamental in trying to determine the nature of the problem.

The most important tests are:

-Semen Analysis. This provides information about the semen quality.

-Hormonal Analysis. This test indicates functional condition of the ovary.

-Hysterosalpingography. This x-ray of the pelvic area shows whether the Fallopian tubes are obstructed.

-Tests for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (both members of the couple).

-Karyotype (both members of the couple). This can help to rule out genetic conditions.

If you have already had some of the tests, please show them to the specialist treating you, so they are not repeated unnecessarily.

There are other diagnostic tests, which are not routinely performed, but can help in certain cases to provide a proper diagnosis.

Once we have the results of the tests, we will arrange a second appointment, to explain them to you and to decide which strategy to follow.

At this point, you will be recommended a detailed treatment.

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