Donation is always anonymous and confidential, and hence the donor and the recipients cannot meet. The donor will be chosen by the Clinic, with the aim of finding the person with the greatest phenotypic and immunologic similarity to the recipients.


Semen donation is a technique employed when the partner’s sperm sample quality is insufficient to perform an Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection or for single women who want to make their dream of being mothers a reality.

Donations are always performed at the Clinic, in order to guarantee the origin of the sample. Once the sample is in the lab, it is thoroughly analysed and it is frozen for later use.

We ensure donors comply with all legal requirements (aged between 18 and 35, good physical and mental health, negative serological test results for AIDS, Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis, etc., no personal or family background of genetic diseases or those communicable to their descendents and normal karyotype).

Furthermore, donors’ semen analysis must show that all characteristics are normal, i.e. they must be normozoospermic.


Oocyte donation is an assisted reproductive technique indicated for cases of premature ovarian failure (due to early menopause, chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy treatment or other reasons), menopause or absence of ovaries due to surgery – where a suitable number of good quality oocytes cannot be obtained. It is also used in cases where fertilizing the woman’s own eggs is not recommended mainly due to genetic causes. The only requirement for being a recipient of donor oocytes is to have a functional uterus.

Egg donation is performed by synchronising the menstrual cycles of donor and recipient. The treatment consists in performing a controlled ovarian stimulation on the donor in order to obtain the oocytes, whilst the recipient follows a hormonal treatment in order to synchronise the cycles, as well as promoting the uterine mucosa with the aim of maximizing the probability of a pregnancy. Once the oocytes have been obtained, the partner provides the sperm sample on the same day as the ovarian puncture, and the process continues as described in the In Vitro Fertilisation section.

Just like with the sperm donation, we ensure oocyte donors comply with all legal requirements.


After realising the dream of becoming parents, some couples donate their remaining frozen embryos in order to help other people who are still suffering due to not being able to have children.

The treatment is very simple. The recipient must follow a hormonal treatment to promote the uterine mucosa with the aim of maximizing the probability of a pregnancy.

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