Artificial insemination

This is the simplest technique. The sperm is placed inside the uterus, hence:

– The cervical barrier is avoided.

– The sperm are placed closer to the fertilisation location.

The insemination process is not painful, since the sperm is injected into the uterine cavity with a cannula, which does not cause much discomfort.

Sometimes donor semen must be employed (single women, males who are carriers of congenital diseases which could be transmitted to their descendants, azoospermia, etc.). Semen donors are constantly studied to rule out communicable diseases. The presence of HIV and Hepatitis B / C antibodies is monitored. Hereditary diseases which donors or their close relatives might suffer are also strictly monitored.

The success rate per cycle for Artificial Insemination with sperm from the partner is 14-20% and for Artificial Insemination with donor sperm it is around 20-25%.

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