Assisted reproduction treatments: when should you give up?

Many of our patients ask us how many in vitro fertilisation (IVF) or oocyte reception treatments they should try before giving up.

Normally, IVF treatments’ success rates inform about the rates of live births after a single treatment, i.e. the transfer of 1 or 2 fresh embryos. This cannot display the real opportunity of having a baby after a series of complte cycles (defined as 3 IVF treatments, plus the transfers of frozen embryos).

recent study, published by the well-known journal Human Reproduction, ensures that, after 3 complete cycles, the success rate was 42.3% and after 8 complete cycles 82.4% among patients who achieved their so-desired pregnancy. This study considered 178,898 women undergoing an IVF treatment in the UK during the years 1992-2007. These results back up the recommendation of undergoing 3 complete IVF cycles with one’s own oocytes before giving up.

Nevertheless, InVitam is aware that every case is different and needs to be assessed separately. For this reason, we always recommend contacting healthcare professionals specialising in assisted reproduction.
We know that is a though process, but with some determination and enthusiasm we will reach the target, together. InVitam will do everything in our power to help you make your dream come true as soon as possible!

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