When you decide to have a child…

“We relied on the clinic InVitam to see our dream come true and it is actually about to.”

Today we would like to share with you another testimonial. It is the story of a patient we successfully helped in her fight against infertility, a condition affecting many people, maybe even yourself.

“When you believe it is the right moment to change your life, you wouldn’t imagine that it may be that difficult. When you realise you have an infertility problem, you think it only happens to you, but that’s not true. Unfortunately, many couples have to go through this process, but there is good news: there are many professionals who are able to help you achieve your goal. We relied on the clinic InVitam to see our dream come true and it is actually about to.

Our story is like that of many other couples who decide to have a child. Four years ago we thought it was the right moment and that were really prepared to become parents. We had been trying for a whole year, constantly thinking that it wouldn’t happen to us, that infertility was not our issue. Yet, we realised we needed help. I went to see my gynaecologist of the clinic InVitam and she recommended a series of test to determine the cause preventing us from having a baby. Despite our age (around 35), our lifestyle was healthy, without many excesses. Unfortunately, though, age is one of the most important factors for a woman to have a child. Day after day I am more and more convinced that postponing that moment wasn’t a very wise choice.

In our case, it was me who had the problem. My oocyte quality and quantity weren’t good enough for me to have a child naturally. I needed help. Facing such a scenario when you really feel ready to become a mother is really hard. At the beginning I couldn’t accept it, I simply couldn’t believe it could be actually happening to me. But I decided that I was going to win the fight against infertility. Somehow you feel guilty, without even knowing why… But the important thing is how you approach the entire process: you need to be brave and believe you are going to make it. People would tell you not to worry and that everything will be fine once you relax. But I am not too sure about that, I prefer to be pragmatic and believe in the power of science.

I underwent several insemination procedures without success, while following the clinic’s standard medication protocol with pre-filled doses. Without realising it, you become your own nurse and you give yourself a shot on the belly without any fear. Afterwards, my gynaecologist suggested we should go one step further: it was time to try IVF (in vitro fertilisation). After explaining in detail how the process would have been, I started again taking my medication because my oocytes needed to be more mature to get ready for the fertilisation. Few days later, once the oocytes were successfully extracted, we were given an appointment at the clinic: it was going to be the moment of truth and so was it.

I am currently 30-week pregnant and expect a wonderful and healthy girl. All we had been through during that period seems so distant now, but it hasn’t passed that long. I still get emotional when I think about those days, which weren’t easy at all. When you have been trying for a while, each step further you need to go is more bearable if your partner supports you all the time. That must be your main pillar. With an infertility issue like me, it’s the woman bearing the entire burden. In my case, I felt very weak and almost without any willpower. This is why it is so important to rely entirely on people around you who can help you achieve your goal.

We relied on InVitam medical team, who became my support in many occasions. They all supported me and gave me the strength to continue, even when I was about to throw in the towel because I thought I was never going to have a baby. They have always been very caring and helpful, perfectly understand your situation and feelings. For these reasons, if you are in a situation similar to mine, I cannot but highly recommend InVitam. They will understand you and help you make your dream come true, having a baby.”

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